Press Play: Elliphant

If you are familiar with Elliphant then you already know she is a unique artist with a style that is seemingly unmatched in music. However, if you’re unfamiliar her new EP called One More could turn you into an instant fan. She blends elements of hip hop, alternative, dance, and electronic to create a sound all her own. Her raps are slick and she sings with passion that echoes throughout each song. You can hear the emotion on this EP and she has said this is her most personal project yet. Songs like…continue reading →

CMJ New York Days 3 & 4

Days 3 and 4 in New York City have been an incredible experience. Through CMJ (College Music Journal) we got to attend a music director's summit. It included a panel of Music Director's (the job Braeton holds at RSU Radio) from all around the United States. We also saw multiple shows that included Francesco Yates, SoMo, and RAC at some of NYC's most entertaining venues. We got the chance to tour the legendary Madison Square Garden and even got to see the Knicks locker room. Another highlight was getting to see Lion King…continue reading →

Press Play: Shadow Of Whales

Shadow Of Whales is an alternative pop and rock group that hail from Austin, Texas. Don’t be fooled by the genre label though, these guys know how to mix it up and combine sounds that will have you moving and rocking out. They just released their self titled EP and it’s an inspiring debut. The band consists of members Joshua and Caleb Flores, Jeremy Boyum, Chris Fraga, and JD Vazquez. The song Dream gets the EP started with an upbeat and motivational vibe. Just A Little combines the pop and rock elements effortlessly…continue reading →

Press Play: Lights

Looking for an upbeat album that will lift your spirits? Then check out the brand new release from Lights titled Little Machines. This album is a beautiful combination of pop driven synth instrumentals and lyrics that are both fun and meaningful. Songs like, Running With The Boys and Up We Go will have you singing along from the moment you hit play. Don’t be fooled though, just because this is an alternative pop album, Lights has the ability to showcase her strong and unique voice. Compared to her previous album, Siberia, Little Machines…continue reading →

Press Play: Hostage Calm

Hostage Calm is back with their brand new album called Die On Stage. The new album is a mixture of multiple elements including 60’s style pop, 70’s punk, and 80’s new wave. The lyrics are just as fun as the music too. This release is only the second from the band but they have poise and energy that are above and beyond the norm. Each track is unique in its own right, but the album as a whole is incredibly coherent and one you can listen to from front to back. Look for…continue reading →

Press Play: Odesza

Seattle natives Harrison Mills and Clayton Knight make up the vibrant electronic group called Odesza. The duo has just released their brand new album titled In Return and it is no sophomore slump. If you are a fan of electronic music then you will love this new release. Odesza incorporates features all over the album and it works perfectly. Songs like “All We Need” features Shy Girls and is a perfect blend of pop, RnB, and electronic music. If you are not already a fan of the electronic genre, this would be the…continue reading →

Press Play: Royal Blood

Mike Kerr and Ben Thatcher played their first gig in 2013. The next year they were supporting the Arctic Monkeys and they have been on the rise ever since. Kerr is the lead singer and plays the bass guitar while Thatcher handles the drums. Their riffs are upbeat and heavy that will have even the casual listener bobbing their head. The single Little Monster is a perfect exemplification of their sound. While their songs carry a heavier tone, the lyrics bounce from sarcastic, deep, and emotional leaving the listener wanting more. It is…continue reading →

Press Play: Arkells

If you’re looking for a full-on rock’n roll band with sing-along anthems, then The Arkells are the band for you. Their newest album is called “High Noon” and showcases the band in a way that they haven’t been seen before. Sonically, this album travels everywhere. It has that tinge of classic power rock riffs with danceable synth hooks. The chorus department isn’t lacking either. They are as catchy as they come. Songs like Come to Light and 11:11 will get stuck in your head from the first time you hear it. A great…continue reading →

Press Play: BANKS

Jillian Banks is from Los Angeles, California and boasts an unconventional sound of mixed genres. Her sound ranges from RnB to electronic with a splash of trip hop. Banks, as she is most commonly known, got her start when she was 15 years old writing songs and teaching herself how to play the piano. Her voice is strong and even though her music sounds dark, she counteracts that with smooth vocals. Banks feels music is a way to let out human emotions. That is exemplified in her newest singles “Begging for Thread” and…continue reading →

Press Play: ¡Mayday! and Murs

Collaborations in hip hop happen frequently and are often a product of management decisions that produce a mediocre sound. However, the new collaboration between ¡Mayday! and Murs, titled ¡Mursday!, has the potential to convert new listeners to the genre. In addition, the spirit of this release could rekindle the love for hip hop that veteran listeners had from the beginning. ¡Mayday! is on the rise to be one of the most exciting hip hop bands to watch and the proven skills from rapper Murs are the perfect concoction for success. Sonically, this album…continue reading →