No, The Muppets are not covering Weezer’s 2001 album release. In fact, it’s quite the opposite.

Artists, including Weezer, My Morning Jacket, Sondre Lerche and OK GO have come together to revive many of the Muppets classic songs.

The album, which was released August 23, features Weezer and Haley Williams covering “Rainbow Connection,” Amy Lee singing “Halfway Down the Stairs”, and OK GO has the task of covering the “Muppets Show Theme.”

OK Go and the Muppets have actually collaborated and given us a music video with almost instant viral status. You can view the video on the Muppets Website under the videos category.

We can expect to see more of The Muppets soon. Amy Adams, Jason Segal, and the Muppets will be starring in the new Muppets movie to be released November 23rd.

Photo: Muppets Green Album Cover