Red State Poster

Kevin Smith’s first ever horror movie is already doing scary good, despite not being in theaters yet.

“Red State” has been shown only 22 times and already grossed over 1 million dollars. If you haven’t heard of it, you are not the only one; SModcast Pictures, in charge of distributing the film, spent less than 500 dollars on advertising a 15 state tour Smith used to show the film.

This may sound like an odd way to showcase a film, but it seems to be working. According to The Daily Dead, based on per screen averages “Red State” is the highest grossing per screen film of the year and 9th of all time.

Adding to its unconventional distribution, the film is now available on demand for everyone to see and the DVD/BluRay will be released on October 18th to coincide with the 17th anniversary of Smith’s debut film “Clerks.”

If you want to see “Red State” in theaters, there is a one night only showing across the country on September 25th. Select theaters will show not only the film, but also a live streaming Q and A with the director himself using Twitter to interact with all the audience members.

For a list of participating theaters, including Tulsa’s own Circle Cinema, or to see a trailer you can visit the Emerging Pictures website.