Original ‘Busters are answering the rumors of a third installment for the franchise. It has been rumored since 1990 that there are plans to make a third Ghostbusters movie. One of the original characters, Rick Moranis, was the first to claim he was not interested in a third film a few years ago.This is not the only news haunting the Ghostbusters franchise. Now the life of the movie rests in one of its biggest star’s hands, Bill Murry.

According to, actor Dan Aykroyd claimed on “The Dennis Miller Show” that while Murry has not agreed to the film, they would continue with plans to shoot the third movie with or without him in the spring of 2012. Aykroyd also mentioned they may “hand the equipment and franchise down to new blood.”

This however may have changed, according to The Independent an interview with another star of the franchise, Sigourney Weaver, claimed that if Murry does not agree to the film she and the rest of the crew would be unlikely to as well. Weaver said, “Why would we do that? I think the whole point is to get together and have fun.”

The classic movie is returning to the big screen however, as the film will be re-released in October. Around 500 theaters will show the film for three consecutive Thursdays beginning October 13. As for a new one though, the phone is yet to be answered.