This month we celebrate the birth of the USA!!! What better way to do that than with cookouts, apple pie and brand new album releases? This July, there’s a ton of new music to celebrate with!

Be on the lookout for the sixth album from the Dirty Projectors called Swing Lo Magellan. This album promises to be different from previous releases, and if the hauntingly beautiful sound of this single “Gun Has No Trigger” is any indication, we’re all in for a treat. The album hits shelves in the states on July 10.

In the middle of July, Matisyahu releases Spark Seeker. The single “Sunshine”, out earlier this year, has received rave reviews. Matisyahu may have shaved off his hair and changed his look, but his musical style remains. Spark Seeker is something fans and newcomers alike will enjoy.

Passion Pit’s latest album, Gossamer, comes out on July 24. If the single, “Take A Walk”, is any indication of the rest of the album, Gossamer will combine electronic sounds with choice alternative riffs in true Passion Pit fashion. I won’t be the only one taking a walk to hear the rest.

True to form, July is another great summer month for true alternative music. Keep reading the Current and check out RSU Radio’s stream online to hear more.