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Hey everyone! Garrett here taking some time to do a quick day one and two in New York recap. They say New York is the city that never sleeps and these first couple of days have for sure lived up to that.

We landed in New York on Monday, technically a day before the CMJ Music Marathon began, but Monday night one of the promotion companies we work with, The Syndicate, hosted a kickoff party called Conflict of Interest.

Turns out, Turbo and I were on the VIP list! We got to meet a bunch of cool people and for me, I got to meet some of the awesome promoters I speak with every week over the phone (Turbo went last year so he’s met most of his promoters already). Business cards were passed out, music was heard, and connections were made, it was a good way to kick off the week.

That night continued when we met up with good buddy Cody Nix! He met up with us after he got off work, which is convenient considering he works at the hotel we are saying at. He showed us around his neighborhood and took us to a late night dinner.

Tuesday is the day everything kicked off officially for CMJ. After registering, and voting, I attended a couple of interesting panels. After that I wandered the city while Turbo went to a Metal Insider party and show. For me, Brick + Mortar play at ten, which gave me just enough time to check in with you all!

We’ll be back with more soon, so keep posted and keep listening to 91.3! (Turbo says METAL!)