Garrett and Mike from Obscura

What’s up everyone, Garrett checking in after our week in The Big Apple. It has been a crazy, fun and even educational week here at the 2012 CMJ Music Marathon.

I’m excited to be back and put to use some of the things I took from all the panels. From social media to predicting music trends, RSU Radio is going to have some exciting times ahead of it.

Then of course there were the College Radio Awards, the station as a whole was nominated for 3 awards for the first time in our history! I was nominated for Best Newcomer, the station for Most Improved and finally Turbo was nominated and won Specialty Music Director of the Year!

Taking in the city that never sleeps takes a long time, and a lot out of you, my feet are killing me. However I trucked through and with the help of GPS and good buddy Cody Nix, I got to see Times Square, Central Park ride the rails and even get to meet Mike from Obscura. I feel like I got to see so much, but at the same time have so much more to see (perhaps at the 2012 CMJ?).

Finally, what would a music festival be without getting to meet the promoters I work with and going to see some shows? I got to meet some great people and see some amazing bands. Some of which include; JJAMZ, San Cisco, Skipping Girl Vinegar and Kimbra, among others. I have plenty of pictures and wristbands to help me remember these as well.

Overall this entire experience has been great. From my first time on an airplane to my first CMJ experience, I’ve learned a lot, met some cool people and look forward to coming back next year. Until then, I am excited to put to use what I’ve learned to RSU Radio and making it that much better.