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The Bourgeois, one of Tulsa’s rising local bands, have been tabbed to open up for a band frequently played here on RSU Radio, The Violet Lights.

Just a couple months after playing Cain’s, Free Tulsa, and being asked to do a taping for This Land Press, The Bourgeois will appear at The Downtown Lounge this week.

Not being Americana or, according to the band, “the new Tulsa sound,” The Bourgeois consider themselves to be outsiders of the Tulsa music scene. More of a loud, aggressive rock sound, they fit well with The Violet Lights.

As they are currently in the process of recording their first EP, this will be their last live performance before hitting the recording studio.

This musical journey The Bourgeois have been on is one the band’s drummer, Ty Clark, is enjoying, “There are 3 aspects to the playing of music, the creation of it, the execution or performing of it and then the recording of it. I am currently in love with all three.”

You can catch them with The Violets Lights, October 26th at the Downtown Lounge beginning at 9.

For more information, you can find the event on facebook.