Local Music

One thing we’ve always been proud of at 91.3 is bringing you the best in True Alternative music community.

That is one thing we will continue to do in 2013, but just like everyone else, we want to improve our station so we have decided to give ourselves a New Year’s Resolution:

“In 2013, RSU Radio will bring not only the best of the True Alternative Community, but also our local community.”

That’s right, local music will be making a comeback on RSU Radio in a BIG way, but we need all the great local artists’ help.

In order for local music to be played, we have to get it. This is where your help comes in.

If you are a local artists/band or if you know a local artist/band then send them our way! We want to hear from you all.

You can email us or message us on Facebook or The New Show’s page as well. You can even send us a physical copy at the address below.

This year we want to give back to our community by showcasing all the best local music it has to offer!

RSU Radio

1701 W. Will Rogers Blvd.

Claremore, OK 74017