The New Tulsa Sound Vol. 2

Heavy Rotation, Medium Rotation, Light Rotation, Daytime, Evening, Spice and Recurrent. Since I’ve worked at RSU Radio these have been the consistent categories that we have placed our music on the air.

Recently, however, we added one more category to truly give us the best mix of alternative music… Local Music!

Every hour, right after the :45 break the first song you hear will be from one of the great local bands or artists that have sent us their music over the years.

While I was going through the archives I saw bands that have been around for a while, like Admiral Twin. New bands making names for themselves like The Bourgeois and Baron Von Swagger. Even young bands with talented young musicians like Bruce Flea.

We’ve also added the entire “The New Tulsa Sound” Vol. 2 album which showcases some favorites in the Tulsa scene.

RSU Radio is proud to support upcoming local bands. It is our way of giving back to a community that has given so much to us.

So join us in our support of local music. Listen in every hour to hear it, send it our way, and let us know of any local musicians we may be missing that should be on air.