Heroes for ARC

Rogers State University President Larry Rice has been selected to chair this year’s “Heroes for the American Red Cross” campaign.

“Heroes for the American Red Cross” is an annual fund raising program and has helped to improve and aide those effected by disaster.

“I’m proud to have been asked to chair this year’s “Heroes for the American Red Cross Campaign. Rogers State University has a long history of partnering with the American Red Cross whether it’s holding blood drives on campus to co-sponsoring the annual murder mystery fundraiser event.” Rice said.

“Whether it’s helping a family after a home fire, or opening shelters in a blizzard or after a tornado, if there is a need, the American Red Cross is always there. We’ve seen that time and time again.”

The “Heroes” Campaign for Rogers County will have a goal of $30,000 and will take place throughout the month of March in Rogers County, which is “National American Red Cross Month”. The campaign asks members of the community, businesses, schools, churches and community groups to collect $1,000 to support their local Red Cross”. There are many ways for “Heroes” to raise money such as fundraisers, auctions, donations, or business promotions.