sami.the.great talks with Garrett

Exciting news for RSU Radio, local artists and touring artists. That being we are currently creating a new YouTube video series called RSU Radio In Studio.

Here we invited the musician or band up to our station for an interview and a short acoustic set.

On Monday, touring artist sami.the.great came by to be the first artist on RSU Radio In Studio and you can check that out here.

So, we want to hear from you. Are you a local artist? Are you on tour and passing by the Claremore/Tulsa area? Is this something you are interested in? Then I’m sure you’re wondering how to get in touch with us.

It’s easy! You can send us a message via Facebook or you can email us at Just let us knonw your interested, send us your contact information and some of your music and we will get back with you.

We want to give the Tulsa Music scene the exposure it deserves. So get in touch with us and look out for the newest episodes of RSU Radio In Studio.