Desi & Cody

Kickstarter has changed the way both the music and film industry work. No longer do you have to rely on big studios that take your great idea, put their “great idea” spins on it and ultimately change what you envision.

Kickstarters allow the idea makers to keep their creativity at the forefront and, with the help of supporters, fund their project and make it the way they want to.

That is what local duo Desi and Cody are doing.

Recording at the legendary Church Studios in Tulsa, this will be the first LP the group has put out and are offering a wide variety of perks to those that help with their Kickstarter Campaign.

“RSU Radio loves all the local groups Tulsa has to offer and are lucky enough to call these two friends of the station.” – Josh Gammon, Promotions Director 91.3fm.

Desi and Cody are currently on a West Coast Tour, but you can still show your support for their pledge over at Kickstarter.