Tulsa fair

“Destination RSU” is an annual meet and greet between RSU and high school seniors and juniors. Students who attend get a chance to speak with current college students and faculty and learn about the opportunities available at Rogers State.

In addition to school departments many student organizations will also be in attendance, showing off the various interests and giving out prizes including scholarships to future students.

“Destination RSU” is your opportunity to find out what college life is all about, providing a chance for seniors to really catch a glimpse at what the future holds. They can learn the answers to questions like “What will I major in? How can I pay for college? Which college is right for me?”

“Destination RSU” begins Saturday October 12 at 9am and is is free to attend, all students and their parents or family are invited. So if you are a high school student and you’re looking for a place to learn you may want to make RSU your Destination.