Career Fair

Since their formation in 2007, folk-rock band Mumford and Sons has released two albums, obtained international fame, won a Grammy, and toured almost non-stop. It would seem that the Gentlemen of the Road have managed to run themselves a little ragged when on September 20th they announced an indefinite hiatus for a “considerable amount of time”. The band indicated that for the past five years they have spent a great deal of time on the road and that they wish to spend time with their families.

While they are breaking from touring it may not mean an absolute end to Mumford music. Keyboardist Ben Lovett told Rolling Stone, “It both creates more of a fan demand, because you’re not over-touring, and you also, you know, it will probably make for better music in the long run.”

I’m not saying look for a new album next year but, I would say that you may hear some collaborative efforts from individuals in the band or even a standalone single from the group. Are you disappointed at the idea of no Mumford and Sons for while or do think they need a break? Let us know on FACEBOOK or TWITTER.