World Trade Memorial

Why, hello you. Here is Day Number 2!

Tuesday was mostly about education and meetings as it was the official start day of the College Music Journal Music Marathon.

We started the day with two panels on the day: “Climbing The Charts: Radio’s Future” and “The Big Picture, An Industry Overview.”

The first was really interesting and generated a few new ideas for Josh and I to look into when we get back that might make the station even better than it already is!

The second panel wasn’t exactly what we expected as it dealt mostly from a musicians perspective rather than the radio industry, but hey, sometimes it’s nice to see things from someone else’s eyes.

Once the panels were over we had some time to head towards the World Trade Tower Memorial.

This was a truly beautiful experience. The two waterfalls representing the towers were breath taking and the Freedom Tower, while still under construction, is a sight to see.

We also had a chance to see St. Paul’s Chapel. This is a graveyard established in 1766! George Washington prayed there after his inauguration!!!!!

Inside there was a mini World Trade Memorial and on the balcony hung a banner sent from Oklahoma.

The night wrapped up with showcases thrown by some of the promotion companies we work with at the station, Co-Sign and The Syndicate.

We got to meet some great people, see a really awesome venue in The Brooklyn Bowl and end the night with a great performance from Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr.

Day 3 is here and we are just as excited as we were yesterday morning.