CMJ College Day

Sorry for the delay, it’s been a wild last few days in The Big Apple and now back at home.

Let’s start back a day four, College Day as CMJ calls it. Thursday was the day of the most interesting panels we had.

College Radio Autonomy, Music Director Summit, and College Radio Relevance all were very informative and got ideas spinning for both Josh and I.

Now we combine the days.

College day was the last of the main panels, but we wanted to do more than just radio, we wanted to experience all of New York.

After a few failed attempts to see a comedy show, we decided to do an ode to Wayback Flashback and see “Bayside! The Musical.”

As cheesey as it sounds, it was great and highly recommended, as long as you’re old enough.

Friday, our last day, we too decided to see a play that was a Tony Award winner, “Avenue Q.” Again, highly recommended if you’re old enough.

We also were able to visit NBC Studios and take a tour.

Josh and I even got to do a “news cast.”

Now we are back home resting and getting ready for Weird Al.

This week has been great and we have learned a lot and can’t wait to get the ideas rolling.