Hunter and WNYU

Finally! Day 3 in review is here!

Wednesday started off with a trip to the NBC Studio for a tour…that didn’t happen. They told us they were booked until 1:30 which is when we had our panel. Luckily we were able to book one for Friday.

To kill time, we then went to some great stores, LEGO and Nintendo World. Yes it was just as awesome as it sounds.

Following that, we had our first panel of the day which sounded great…until it was another that focused on artists. Nothing against artists, but the only thing Josh and I can play are CDs, so it didn’t help us much.

When the panel ended we were able to head to WNYU where Native Air DJ, Dr. Hugh Foley, has a history and was able to get us in contact with them.

We showed up just after 3 and not a single soul was in the station as the GM was rushing back from a meeting.

When people did come in, they seemed totally fine with 2 strangers just sitting in their station, it was oddly funny.

WYNU was much smaller than our station, which was a big surprise, but out of a small space they are able to do some great things. Overall WNYU was really interesting and very informative.

Finally, after a trip to the NYU bookstore we were off to a screening of The Secret Life of Walter Mitty.

This movie doesn’t come our till Christmas, but CMJ was allowing an early screening and it was an amazing movie that Josh and I both highly recommend and will see again ourselves.

Day 3 was chaotic and sometimes frustrating, but one of our favorites. Day 4 is coming soon, so stay tuned.