American hip-hop artist Benjamin Laub isn’t your typical rapper. In fact, don’t call him Benjamin, call him Grieves. Grieves has been on the hip-hop scene since 2007 and has been making moves ever since. His newest release is called Winter and The Wolves and his rhymes can be both cold and vicious. However, Grieves’ lyrical skills can also dive deeper into human emotion. His passion is poured out all over this new album.

Songs like “Shreds” exemplify Grieves ability to rhyme with emotion and heart while still maintaining a fun and gritty flow. On the same hand, songs like “Over You” deal with the harsh reality of relationships. Grieves has something for everyone on this release. Whether you are a fan of hip-hop or not, you can’t deny Winter and The Wolves is a ride of instrumental and lyrical chemistry from beginning to end.