The Ohioan duo has done it again. Twenty One Pilots just dropped their forth full
length album with 14 new songs. Blurry Face is a follow up to the groups breakout 
album, Vessel  that was released in 2013. The group has been a favorite at RSU Radio 
since the album with songs like Car Radio, Ode to Sleep, and House of Gold. Josh Dun 
and Tyler Joseph have really collaborated to step outside of the box with their sound 
this time around.
Blurryface highlights  new reggae beats. Joseph, and Dun walk the line of 
experimentation blending their infamous hard staccato rap, with reggae beats. The 
music itself is more than just an album for the two. So much creativity is emerging 
through tracks such as Stressed Out and We don’t Believe what’s on TV. Joseph 
expresses the duo’s journey through lyrics. 
Through this break out to fame Twenty One Pilots is staying true to their alternative 
genre, with a rap, rock, pop, and now reggae in the mix. Using instruments like the 
Ukulele, and piano the group has squashed all barriers for the ears leaving lasting 
impression for listeners. 
Check out this interview from when Twenty One Pilots stopped by RSU Radio in 2013.