Press Play: Joanna Newsom

Divers, the fifth studio album from the multi-talented Joanna Newsom is here. Not only is she a singer but a harpist, keyboardist, songwriter, and actress. This album was highly anticipated after the artist took five years off to complete it. It’s hot on the airwaves filled with experiences of life, love, and finding yourself on eleven tracks. All the way from Nevada City, California this artists is a rare bread. As a child Newsom was not allowed to watch television or listen to the radio. Her parents tried to avoid their child from…continue reading →

Press play: Fuzz

         Ty, Charles, and Chad have put together an album that is set to release worldwide in the next 2 weeks. Here’s a sneak peak of the groups work.                   The power trio is kind of hard to track down, with a name like ‘Fuzz’. The men are nothing shy of stardom. Each member had been involved with other rock bands before Fuzz. Ty Segall is a huge role, but previously has done work with artists like Mikal Croning, and his band ‘The Ty Segal Band’. Charles…continue reading →

Press Play: Youth Lagoon

Trevor Powers, is the mastermind behind ‘Youth Lagoon’. Their latest piece of work was released earlier this week on the 25th. ‘Savage Hills Ballroom’ the 3rd album from the group is close and personal with Powers’ personal life. The ten new tracks on this album standout from previous work. During the writing process, tragedy struck the artist hard. Deaths from a close friend, and family member all happened around the same time. Powers struggled to overcome the hardships, but really was able to expresses himself especially in tracks like ‘Kerry’.  He turned his…continue reading →

Press play: Petite Noir

          Back in late 2013 Llunga realized he wanted to make music. Coming from a small South Africa town he was faced with challenges from choosing God, and pop music. “Church band practice was the same night as a recoding opportunity.” Llunga expressed to The Guardian in 2013. Llunga got his big break when featured with R&B artist Solange Knowles ona collaboration project. The rest was history.    It’s been a little over  two years since we have heard from the artist after his single debut ‘Till we ghosts’. Llunga has…continue reading →

Press play: ducktails 

   The group that has been around for almost a decade, really experiments with their sound and can be heard throughout their eleven new tracks.   Ducktails, includes members: lead man Matt Mondanile, Luka Usmiani, Alex Craig, Samuel Franklin. Mondanile was also the guitarist in the group rock indie group Real Estate for six years. Mondanile brings a unique charm to each track with his acoustic touches, and voice. Throughout St. Catherine in every chord you go down the shore of the groups home in New Jersey. The entire album tells a story of…continue reading →


    Their piece of work 'Feels Like' is loud, with punchy lines to grab listeners attention. A soundtrack for summer if you will. There is so much emotion behind all eleven tracks; frustration, and especially confusion to set a catchy tone that keeps listeners wanting more.     The group is made up by lead singer Alicia Bognanno, Stewart Copeland, Clayton Parker, and Reece Lazarus. From guitar riffs to some serious drums, Bognanno's voice stands out creating such a distinct sound for the group. You can hear her voice for under 30 minutes…continue reading →

Press Play: Mates of state

       Kori Gardener & Jason Hammel are the masterminds behind the pop duo ‘Mates of State.’ The two have been on a music journey since 1997. They began in Larence, Kansas. Through the years the two have worked hard to create music to fit their lifestyle, and listeners around the world.   ‘You’re going to Make it’ is a self produced EP that just hit airwaves in mid June. Tracks are majorly sharp with meaningful lyrics. For nearly two decades the duo have been in a relationship and this can be heard through…continue reading →

Press Play: John Moreland

  Oklahoma folk singer John Moreland, is back with a rollercoaster of emotion. This is his 3rd album release 'High on Tulsa Heat' that’s hitting the airwaves all around the world. The native Tulsan has fine-tuned his baritone voice and lingers in listener’s ears. Moreland’s voice is full of wisdom, mixing touches from his home and life experiences into each track, this time around.   In 2013 Moreland released his album, 'In the Throes' a heavyhearted album that he wrote based on his love for punk and hard-core groups. The album explored a dark…continue reading →

Press Play: Twenty One Pilots

The Ohioan duo has done it again. Twenty One Pilots just dropped their forth fulllength album with 14 new songs. Blurry Face is a follow up to the groups breakout album, Vessel  that was released in 2013. The group has been a favorite at RSU Radio since the album with songs like Car Radio, Ode to Sleep, and House of Gold. Josh Dun and Tyler Joseph have really collaborated to step outside of the box with their sound this time around.Blurryface highlights  new reggae beats. Joseph, and Dun walk the line of experimentation blending their infamous hard staccato…continue reading →

Sound & Color

The long anticipated wait is over. The sophomore album debuted from the Alabama Shakes earlier this week with twelve fresh tracks. “Sound & Color” can stand alone with having soul and spirit. Each track from the album explores a new groove the group has never shown before. The Shakes debuted in 2012 with album “Boys & Girls” which earned the group three Grammy nominations including one for “Best New Artist.” Their first album sold over 700,000 copies. Artists Brittney Howard, Heath Fogg, Zac Cockrell and Steve Johnson are making their way up the…continue reading →