Press Play: Holychild

In early 2014, Holychild released their debut EP, Mindspeak, leaving college music radio stations across the nation salivating at what was to come from the talented indie pop duo. This week, the Los Angeles based musicians have fed those appetites with the release of their first full length album, The Shape of Brat Pop To Come.  Brat pop is a sub genre of pop that the two members of Holychild have coined and are beginning to define with their music. Loud and coarse, yet catchy due to clever lyrics and beats, brat pop…continue reading →

Catch a Fire:The Legacy of Bob Marley

Catch a Fire: The Legacy of Bob Marley opens Friday, June 5th at the Woody Guthrie Center in Tulsa. The exhibit includes 30 photos of Marley taken in the studio, onstage and even some from his personal life. All the pictures were taken by Neville Garrick, Marley’s art director, Dennis Morris, Adrian Boot, and Dave Corio. There will also be interactive features like a remix board of “Exodus”, and a drum kit to learn how to keep a reggae beat. There will also be 2 audio kiosks with 8 classic songs, video interviews…continue reading →