Oklahoma folk singer John Moreland, is back with a rollercoaster of emotion. This is his 3rd album release ‘High on Tulsa Heat’ that’s hitting the airwaves all around the world. The native Tulsan has fine-tuned his baritone voice and lingers in listener’s ears. Moreland’s voice is full of wisdom, mixing touches from his home and life experiences into each track, this time around.

   In 2013 Moreland released his album, ‘In the Throes’ a heavyhearted album that he wrote based on his love for punk and hard-core groups. The album explored a dark side of adventure. His song ‘Heaven’ was featured on the hit series ‘Sons of Anarchy’ in 2012. Moreland was still finding his sound at this time.

  Now, in 2015 Moreland is no stranger to fame. The ten tracks on the album are expressed by honesty in the artist’s life. Moreland co-produced this album along with creating rhythms. He provided vocals, guitars, bass guitar, drums, and percussion. Moreland expresses the earthiness of where he is from, and you can hear it in each song such as ‘Cherokee’, and ‘Hang me in the Tulsa Stars.’ 

Moreland’s tracks are unforgettable. You can hear this local artist right here on 91.3 FM Real College Radio.