Their piece of work ‘Feels Like’ is loud, with punchy lines to grab listeners attention. A soundtrack for summer if you will. There is so much emotion behind all eleven tracks; frustration, and especially confusion to set a catchy tone that keeps listeners wanting more. 

    The group is made up by lead singer Alicia Bognanno, Stewart Copeland, Clayton Parker, and Reece Lazarus. From guitar riffs to some serious drums, Bognanno’s voice stands out creating such a distinct sound for the group. You can hear her voice for under 30 minutes of the album long enough to get songs like ‘Trying’ and ‘I Remember’ stuck in your head. Bognano’s voice really sets the attitude of the alt-rock album.  Through the lyrics there aren’t any specific references to dates, or growing up. ‘Bully’ hi-lights a windows-down kind of freedom. 

    In addition to the success of their breakthrough album the group has kicked off their first tour around the nation. Keep it on 91.3 FM to hear new tracks from ‘Bully’, the group has become a favorite here on RSU Radio. 

Click Here to listen to ‘Feels Like’