Press Play: The Sword

Hard rock group, The Sword, just released their fifth studio album called High Country. Although it’s receiving great reviews from both music critics and fans, many die hard supporters of the group are not happy with their latest effort.  In 2003, vocalist and guitarist John D. Cronise formed The Sword in Austin, TX. He and other eventual band members sought to create a heavy metal group that drew on the inspiration of influential metal pioneers like Black Sabbath and Slayer. It was in 2005, after a show of theirs at the South by…continue reading →

Press play: Mac DeMarco

Indie rock musician, Mac DeMarco, who currently hails from the Queens borough of New York City, shows that he is quite the talented solo act with the recent release of his album, Another One.  In a musical era where indie rock has become known more as a sub genre of rock rather than referring to artists who are independent, it is refreshing to find musicians who stray away from the major labels. This is true with DeMarco’s latest effort, Another One, just as it was with his previous four albums.  In between heavy…continue reading →

RSU’s Welcome Week 2015

This year’s theme “Game On” is just that as RSU’s CAT (Campus Activities Team) plans a week of fun, competition and great prizes for the first week of school.  Monday & Tuesday 5pm Chapman Dining Hall                                                                   Students sign up to compete in RSU’s version of “Jeopardy!” and “The Price is Right.” Wednesday 10am – 2pm Centennial Center Lawn                                  …continue reading →

Will Rogers Wiley Post Annual Fly-In

The annual Will Rogers & Wiley Post Fly-in begins at 8:30 am on Saturday, August 15th at Will Rogers Birthplace Ranch in Oologah, Oklahoma.  The National Day of Remembrance is put on by the staff of the Will Rogers Memorial Museums, located in Claremore and Oologah. In particular, this is a special year for the event because it marks the 80th anniversary of the death of Oklahoma’s favorite son, Will Rogers, by way of plane crash. Over 100 private planes will be participating in the fly-in by landing on a grass field located at…continue reading →

Press play: ducktails 

   The group that has been around for almost a decade, really experiments with their sound and can be heard throughout their eleven new tracks.   Ducktails, includes members: lead man Matt Mondanile, Luka Usmiani, Alex Craig, Samuel Franklin. Mondanile was also the guitarist in the group rock indie group Real Estate for six years. Mondanile brings a unique charm to each track with his acoustic touches, and voice. Throughout St. Catherine in every chord you go down the shore of the groups home in New Jersey. The entire album tells a story of…continue reading →