The group that has been around for almost a decade, really experiments with their sound and can be heard throughout their eleven new tracks.

   Ducktails, includes members: lead man Matt Mondanile, Luka Usmiani, Alex Craig, Samuel Franklin. Mondanile was also the guitarist in the group rock indie group Real Estate for six years. Mondanile brings a unique charm to each track with his acoustic touches, and voice. Throughout St. Catherine in every chord you go down the shore of the groups home in New Jersey. The entire album tells a story of where they come from. The title St. Catherine is a reference to St. Catherine of Alexandria, known as the saint of knowledge and virtue. “The title track St. Catherine is about being blinded by light”, Says Mondanile. “It’s about throwing yourself into a revery, regardless of the consequences.” Tracks like The Disney Afternoon & Medieval are mellow, and soft. Julia Holter, a Los Angeles artist can be heard on, tracks “Heaven’s Room” & “Church” adding vocal harmonies. Compared to the groups previous album Flower Lane. Songs sound more emotional this time around.  Mondanile has really stepped out of his comfort zone.

   Ducktails have kicked off a world tour with stops in Germany, Canada, Sweden, and many stops in the United States. Hear the new album on 91.3 Real College Radio. 

” class=”aloha-link-text”>Check out the groups song Headbanging in the Mirror: