Trevor Powers, is the mastermind behind ‘Youth Lagoon’. Their latest piece of work was released earlier this week on the 25th. ‘Savage Hills Ballroom’ the 3rd album from the group is close and personal with Powers’ personal life. The ten new tracks on this album standout from previous work. During the writing process, tragedy struck the artist hard. Deaths from a close friend, and family member all happened around the same time. Powers struggled to overcome the hardships, but really was able to expresses himself especially in tracks like ‘Kerry’.  He turned his mourning process into melodic beats.   Don’t be mistaken; the album isn’t all about the deaths of loved ones. The artist just really shifted his mentality process. The beats are pretty jazzy with a bit of falsetto in the mix. Powers really experimented with his unique sound. He allowed himself to live a healthier lifestyle during the course of writing, like running four miles daily. The time running allowed him to clear his head. His madness is clear with a touch of beautiful sounds. Hear tracks from the new album right here on 91.3 FM RSU Radio.