Ty, Charles, and Chad have put together an album that is set to release worldwide in the next 2 weeks. Here’s a sneak peak of the groups work.          

         The power trio is kind of hard to track down, with a name like ‘Fuzz’. The men are nothing shy of stardom. Each member had been involved with other rock bands before Fuzz. Ty Segall is a huge role, but previously has done work with artists like Mikal Croning, and his band ‘The Ty Segal Band’. Charles Moothart is a shy guy, but plays some serious guitar for ‘Slaughterhouse’. And then there’s Chad Ubovich, who is in the lead man in his group ‘Chad & the Meatbodies’. Each member provided vocals in unique ways. The album really explores different sounds from teeth shattering, to tongue twisting.           

         As a gift for our ears the trio released 2 songs from the alum. ‘Rat Race’ and ‘Pollinate’ Both songs are ferocious. Segall stepped back from the mic, this go around when making music. Segall is ingenious on the drums, and it can be heard. The members have expressed that many of the songs inspiration came from ‘Subterranean hallucinations, traffic jams, sleepless days, hazy nights, recollection or blind reflection.’ A pretty interesting combination of inspiration has been poured into each track on the album.

       ” class=”aloha-link-text”>Check out the Trio’s new tracks here. Keep it on 91.3 FM to hear the entire album. 

Along with a new album set to release on the 23rd, the trio just announced their first world tour that runs through the holiday season.