Press Play: Yuck

Yuck’s new album, titled Stranger Things, will dissolve new listener’s inhibitions into a puddle of appreciation of artistic craft. The band released their third album on February 26th of this year. The album cover depicts an out of this world creature dissolving into a comfortable seat.  This image is indicative of what experience listeners can expect from Stranger Things. Yuck provides an out of this world sound that listeners will find extreme ease settling into.

The band prefaced this experience with their two previous albums which include the self-titled Yuck that was released in 2011, followed by their second album Glow& Behold released in 2013. Yuck was conceived in London, England in 2009, with a different sound than what is reflected on the newest album. This could be because of some of the very common and necessary growing pains the band has undergone. In 2013, Yuck lost one of its original band members Daniel Blumberg. The band announced that Blumberg had left the band due to a desire to pursue his solo career.  This loss did not stifle the band’s creativity. Yuck has continued to create music that noise and indie rockers will enjoy. Notable tracks on the new album are Hold Me Closer and their early release single Hearts in Motion. Yuck’s use of fuzz foot pedals and heavy reverb create a laid-back atmosphere that is sure to leave new listeners feeling relaxed, and repeat listeners reaffirmed.