Calling all Musicians!

RSU is tuning up for a new year and seeking out members for the concert band. Dr. Kirk Weller, RSU’s director of bands, is looking for musicians of all ages and instruments to play in the community rich musical group. “This is (a) fantastic opportunity for us to build an ensemble that includes everyone from high schoolers to mature musicians who have a great time playing a variety of band music,” says Dr. Weller. The RSU Concert Band rehearses every Thursday at 6:00P at the old student union on the Claremore campus. For…continue reading →

Pizza, Cash, & Helping Kids

RSU’s Child Development Center is getting a boost from Papa John’s Pizza in Claremore. The local pizzeria is donating 20% of its sales today (August 25th) to the center. Members of the development center staff are excited to partner with Papa John’s and cite the positive impact that a donation like this can have. If you’d like to order up some tasty pizza and help the RSU Child Development Center, call Papa John’s in Claremore at 918-343-8282 and be sure to mention “RSU Child” when ordering. Logo found on PapaJohns.comcontinue reading →

It’s a “Big Country Weekend” for Vinita

Vinita has a big weekend to look forward to with food, entertainment, and country fun. The appropriately titled “Big Country Weekend” kicks off early with the 75th Annual Will Rogers Memorial Rodeo on Tuesday the 23rd and runs through Saturday the 27th at the American Legion Arena. The fun doesn’t end there. The 32nd Annual World’s Largest Calf Fry Festival and Cook-Off closes out the weekend on the 27th at the Craig County Fairgrounds with games, live entertainment, lots of calf fries, and a softball tournament at the Bill Morgan Sporting Complex. B.J.…continue reading →

15 Minutes with Barry

Iconic singer, songwriter, and showman, Barry Manilow recently spoke with RSU Radio about his latest album, 15 Minutes, and the extreme departure from his earlier works. “It’s the most different album I have ever made in my whole career…and it was the most challenging thing to do.” Mr. Manilow tells RSU-Radio. 15 Minutes is the story of a young man trying to make it in the music business, as well as the challenges and dangers of instant fame. The choice of character also had an impact on the overall sound of the album.…continue reading →

One “Contra”-versy Settled, Another Begins

Vampire Weekend, XL Records, photographer Tod Brody and Ann Kirsten Kennis have settled on an undisclosed amount on their court case. Kennis, the model who appears on Vampire Weekend’s “Contra” album, sued the band, their label, and the photographer in 2010. The suit was brought after Kennis’ daughter recognized her mom on the album cover and asked her about it. Kennis, who doesn’t remember posing for the vintage photo, said she never signed over rights to her likeness. Vampire Weekend and XL Records claimed they followed the proper paper work and that photographer…continue reading →

Emerging local artist, Amanda Byers

Stirring up Tulsa’s music scene is local songwriter, singer, and guitar player, Amanda Byers. In high school she played events such as the Rogers State University Educational Talent Search, but now plans on doing much more with her music. She’s hard at work on her new EP at Black Box Studio in Tulsa. According to Byers, “The EP is kind of a ‘journey’ through my songwriting progress. It will have the first few songs I wrote, along with the most recent ones. You can see a bit of difference in the maturing of…continue reading →

Quicksilver Motorcycle Rally & Rodeo

Cowboys and motorcycles may seem like an unusual combination, but at the Quicksilver Motorcycle Rally and Rodeo it’s the norm. The eleventh annual festival kicks off at the Tahlequah Rodeo Grounds on August 19th and runs through the 21st. Activities range from a motorcycle parade and bike games to rodeos and a carnival. This year, organizers are adding a music competition to the mix. Jennie Morrison, rally coordinator, says, “We’re adding the Texaco Country Showdown this year. It’s kind of like American Idol, but country. The winner competes here… then goes to regionals…continue reading →

Riot Fires Hurt Indy Music Scene

For days, riots and fires have been taking place in the UK with one delivering a huge hit to the Indy music world. A Sony distribution warehouse in Enfield was burned to the ground on August 9th. The building, according to Irish news outlet, held the entire inventory for PIAS UK, a distributing hub for more than 150 labels, many of which have suffered severe setbacks. Some of these labels included Sub Pop, Drive Thru Records, Rough Trade, Domino, and Fatcat Records. One band affected was the Arctic Monkeys. Their upcoming single…continue reading →

Del Toros get a Kickstart on Their New Album

The Del Toros, a rock band with roots at Rogers State University, are taking an innovative approach to music. It’s no surprise that they have a large fan base when promoting the band, playing shows, and now producing their new album. With the help of social media… fans are supporting artists like the Del Toro’s through websites such as Kickstarter. The Kickstarter website allows people to fund different projects, like the Del Toro’s newest album, “Young Blood Rising.” David Rumsey, founding member of the Del Toros, is humbled that so many fans would…continue reading →

Dead Scene or Death Metal Scene?

In recent years metal fans have enjoyed a revitalization of the Tulsa metal scene, particularly in Death metal. One contributing band is Submerged In Dirt. Their latest album, ‘In The Grip Of The Machine’, represents both their musical ability and the scene they all grew up in. While some people claim Tulsa metal is dead, Royce Miller, drummer for SID, disagrees. “A music scene is only as dead or alive as people believe it is.” He went on to say, “We have so many bands to be proud of. Oklahoma's metal bands are…continue reading →