Press Play: !!!

As If, the sixth studio album from the funky, indie rock, dance group, !!!, pronounced ‘Chk Chk Chk’, is one of the more highly anticipated albums of the year by college radio stations around North America. When it finally arrived in mid October, the album did not disappoint and was by far the most popular of all releases that week. !!! is a Sacramento, California based group that formed in the mid 1990’s. The founding members were all previously part of groups that had very different sounds. With this project, they wanted to combine…continue reading →

Press Play: FUZZ

Hard rock group, Fuzz, makes a loud and explosive return to RSU’s airwaves with the release of their latest album, II, due out on October, 23rd.  The threesome is a side project formed in 2011 by the infamous California garage and psychedelic rocker, Ty Segall. He is best known for his talents as a guitar player and vocalist on his many solo albums and with his other group, The Ty Segall Band. With Fuzz, Segall plays the drums and is also the lead singer. His work on the drums is what sets this…continue reading →

RSU Radio’s CMJ 2015 Recap

Its Geoff and Tip here, again. We are back from New York City safely with lots of stories to tell and new bands to listen to. The last five days have been an exciting experience for both of us. Geoff made his first trip to NYC and the CMJ Music Marathon. This was Tip’s second trip to the conference, but first attendance in nearly 7 years. Some of the highlights of the week include seeing two performances the London band, Shopping. They played the first and last shows we saw this weekend, and…continue reading →

CMJ Music Marathon in NYC

So far the trip has been a great experience. Day 1 started with a few delays, missed connection flights, hotel mix-ups, and being tired of sitting. The day ended with a rooftop party with downtown Manhattan as the backdrop (view pictured below). Co-Sign Promotions had some great bands lined up on the roof of Output in Brooklyn. After that we wandered the Washington Square area and ended up in a basement comedy club.Day 2 included some wonderful insight from the Music Director's panel. Several MDs from stations discussed topics important to college radio,…continue reading →

To RSU Radio CMJ is More Than Just concerts

The following is an editorial article written by Station Manager, Tip Crowley. Tip served as student Music Director from 2005 to 2010, and he was the first Music Director to go to CMJ on behalf of RSU. The CMJ Music Marathon is a spectacle that most music fans would jump at the chance to attend. The festival includes are hundreds of bands, industry professional panels, and, it happens in venues and other locations scattered across New York City.  CMJ is about having fun, but it is about so much more than that to…continue reading →

Press play: Fuzz

         Ty, Charles, and Chad have put together an album that is set to release worldwide in the next 2 weeks. Here’s a sneak peak of the groups work.                   The power trio is kind of hard to track down, with a name like ‘Fuzz’. The men are nothing shy of stardom. Each member had been involved with other rock bands before Fuzz. Ty Segall is a huge role, but previously has done work with artists like Mikal Croning, and his band ‘The Ty Segal Band’. Charles…continue reading →