Cody and Turbo, New York Bound

Our own music director, Cody Nix and metal director, Gary “Turbo” Webb will have the opportunity next week to catch over 1,300 artist performances and cutting-edge films when they fly to New York City to attend, what some consider “the most important platform for the discovery of new music”…the College Music Journal Music Marathon and Film Festival. Over 120,000 fans, music industry professionals, bloggers, press and musicians are expected to attend, traveling to the more than 80 of the city’s greatest venues, nightclubs and theaters …while also having the opportunity to attend more…continue reading →

Friska Viljor: In Review

Stockholm, Sweden’s own Friska Viljor’s latest album is a new direction for the indie rock duo, and is one of the most fun albums you’ll hear this year. The band was formed, oddly enough, on heartache and loss. According to member Daniel Johansson, “Heartache has always been one of the prime catalysts for artistic work, and every artist sees their own suffering as something unique, and their thoughts and work about it as something the whole world should share.” Had anyone not known their backstory, one would assume that they could be the…continue reading →

Two Minutes Hate…not having a drummer

Broken Arrow Metal band Two Minutes Hate has been tearing up the Tulsa scene for around 5 years. Unfortunately, they’ve run into a snag; they are lacking a drummer. After 1 EP, 2 album releases and countless shows, bassist Espinales says, “Drummers are hard to come by…there’s actually a few bands struggling with that right now.” Even without a drummer, the band still manages to remain active. “Right now, we’re waiting to record an album that is already written, even without a drummer. For the moment, we’ll be using programmed drums because we’re…continue reading →

Let there be Thrash in Tulsa

Tulsa’s metal scene is stronger than most would give it credit for. With well-known bands like Inoperable, Submerged in Dirt and Hardtop for Kennedy, one is never short on the chance to catch quality local metal shows. However, a popular sub-genre of metal that is under represented is Thrash. Enter Death Inquisition. When asked why there were so few Thrash bands in the Tulsa scene, Mutilator, bassist for Death Inquisition, says “It's mostly because Tulsa's scene is dominated by death metal bands. It's not really a bad thing, since I enjoy a lot…continue reading →

Cataldo : Prison Boxing

Eric Anderson, recording under the name Cataldo, releases his third album Prison Boxing, raising the bar in the lost art of the singer/songwriter. Lyrically, this is one of the most intelligent and powerful albums I've listened to this year, and a must-listen to anyone that loves the words as much as the instrumentals. The power of this album comes in its subtlety, both lyrically and instrumentally. The album manages to keep you thinking with very minute and intricate details that make it a unique experience every time you listen. All the while, it…continue reading →

Who Ya Gonna Call?

Original ‘Busters are answering the rumors of a third installment for the franchise. It has been rumored since 1990 that there are plans to make a third Ghostbusters movie. One of the original characters, Rick Moranis, was the first to claim he was not interested in a third film a few years ago.This is not the only news haunting the Ghostbusters franchise. Now the life of the movie rests in one of its biggest star's hands, Bill Murry. According to, actor Dan Aykroyd claimed on “The Dennis Miller Show” that while Murry…continue reading →

Get Carried Away at the Tulsa State Fair!

The Tulsa State Fair is coming back to the Tulsa Fairgrounds the 29th through October 9th. There will be plenty for kids to have fun with at this year’s fair. Disney on Ice will be presenting Disney/Pixar’s Toy Story 3. The Just for Kids Adventure is returning with science attractions, fair favorites like Tulsa’s Largest Sandbox, building areas and creative stations. For musical entertainment, the Oklahoma Stage and International Beer Garden will have a variety of artists playing each night of the fair. Stars Go Dim begins the list of performances hitting the…continue reading →

Get Yourself Heard

Are you in a local band or are you a local music artist? Do you want to get some media exposure? RSU Radio is here to help! Contact Bryce to find out how to get your band on Bryce writes articles on the local music scene for RSU-Radio and would love to hear from you. Articles include music reviews, the latest on current projects, and news on upcoming shows complete with a link to Facebook and other pages! To get your music the exposure it deserves, contact Bryce.continue reading →

Tulsa International Film Festival

The first ever Tulsa International Film Festival is coming to the downtown district September 22nd through the 25th. The festival will feature over 150 films from a variety of genres. A series of workshops covering aspects of filmmaking, including makeup and screenwriting, will also be held throughout the event. Joel Hulett, Chief Programmer, says, “This will be the biggest film festival Oklahoma has ever seen. We’ve got an outstanding lineup with over 150 films. It’s going to put it [Tulsa] on the map.” Events will be held at five venues throughout downtown Tulsa…continue reading →

Red State… Coming to One Theater Near You

Kevin Smith’s first ever horror movie is already doing scary good, despite not being in theaters yet. “Red State” has been shown only 22 times and already grossed over 1 million dollars. If you haven’t heard of it, you are not the only one; SModcast Pictures, in charge of distributing the film, spent less than 500 dollars on advertising a 15 state tour Smith used to show the film. This may sound like an odd way to showcase a film, but it seems to be working. According to The Daily Dead, based on…continue reading →