Doin’ the T-Town DubStep

Tulsa’s music scene has been rich with diversity for years. Lately a trend in Electronic music has been sweeping the nation and T-Town is no exception. Whether it’s Britney Spears or Rihanna, Dubstep has made a huge impact on popular music. Loosely defined, Dubstep is a hybrid of the Electronic music genre that incorporates reverberant drum patterns, clipped samples and heavy bass lines. In fact, Tulsa’s very own Eric Zamura aka DJ Balance says of the movement, “Dubstep has been around for over a decade, early on, wearing a different skin, but none-the-less,…continue reading →

Former Transformer star announces project with Shock Rocker

Actor turned Director Shia LaBeouf announces on “Live with Regis and Kelly” that he will be working with Marilyn Manson…shooting a documentary on the singer’s 8th new studio album. LaBeouf describes their first meeting as nothing less than he expected. With no lights and big heavy metal doors at Manson’s West Hollywood “lair”, Manson greeted LaBeouf at the door in a pink komono. While this PG actor many seem like an odd choice for the project, it’s not the first time he has worked in the music world. LaBeouf shot the music video…continue reading →