Ottawa County Fair

Rain or shine… it’s time for the 92nd annual Ottawa County Fair at the Miami fairgrounds. The family friendly event runs the 13th through the 20th with livestock shows throughout the week and a premium sale on Saturday night. According to Jeff Reynolds, Ottawa County Fair Board President, “we have the best premium sale auction in Northeast Oklahoma. Last year, the entire sale brought in roughly $93,000. Our shows are really competitive for that reason.” Livestock shows aren’t the only events the fair has to offer. Ottawa Amusement sets up their carnival that…continue reading →

Beavis & Butthead Return

The cult-classic MTV cartoon “Beavis and Butt-head” has officially announced its return to television. Creator Mike Judge recently announced that the show will return to MTV in October with a new, “youtube savvy.” Rumors surfaced in March about a reboot of the iconic 90’s cartoon, but little had been seen, until now. While at the July 2011 Comic-Con, Judge provided a 5 minute clip of the newly revamped show, which is now posted on MTV’s website. The generation defining cartoon will keep to its original roots while also trying out new material. While…continue reading →

New euphoric sound heard at “Free Tulsa”

Brother Rabbit, a band with close ties to RSU, has geared up for their first full-length album with plans to set a release date soon. This five-piece indie rock and folk band showcased their fresh, yet slightly psychedelic sound at this year’s Free Tulsa music festival. The move to a more euphoric tone follows the addition of a new drummer Caleb Demarais. Find out more about Brother Rabbit on Facebook.continue reading →

“Motive for Movement”

“Motive for Movement” a band that roots first began at Rogers State University has been receiving a lot of good press lately. The band was recently nominated for the 2011 Absolute Best of Tulsa (ABOT) Indie-Rock “Artist of the Year” award. “We feel honored to stand out enough to get the local scene’s recognition” notes Guitarist Tobie Munroe who also felt all the bands were deserving of the award. The band is returning to the studio…..with plans for a different sound from their previous full length “Our Concrete Neighbors”. According to Bass Player…continue reading →

Fruit Bats’ Tripper a New Direction in Folk Rock

Folk rock veterans Fruit Bats venture into a new era of alternative music with their fifth album. Their newest full length, Tripper, maintains the folk sound that gave the band success in their previous albums, all the while creating a new landscape of sound different than their previous works. The Chicago-based band, formed in 1997, helped contribute to the folk rock boom in the early 2000s that featured artists such as the Decemberists and early works from the Avett Brothers. While band members come and go, the lead singer/songwriter Eric D. Johnson still…continue reading →

Gatesway Balloon Festival 2011

It’s almost August and you know what that means… it’s time for the 16th annual Gatesway Balloon Festival at the Will Rogers Downs in Claremore. The festival kicks off Friday, August 5th with evening balloon flights and musical entertainment. The next morning, the festivities begin at 7am with helicopter flights, lawn mower races, the “Feet on Fire” 5K run and 1-mile walk for all ages and the traditional “Balloon Glow” that night. “I think that the reason people attend is partially the mission of Gatesway but a lot is to see the balloons’…continue reading →

Doin’ the T-Town DubStep

Tulsa’s music scene has been rich with diversity for years. Lately a trend in Electronic music has been sweeping the nation and T-Town is no exception. Whether it’s Britney Spears or Rihanna, Dubstep has made a huge impact on popular music. Loosely defined, Dubstep is a hybrid of the Electronic music genre that incorporates reverberant drum patterns, clipped samples and heavy bass lines. In fact, Tulsa’s very own Eric Zamura aka DJ Balance says of the movement, “Dubstep has been around for over a decade, early on, wearing a different skin, but none-the-less,…continue reading →

Former Transformer star announces project with Shock Rocker

Actor turned Director Shia LaBeouf announces on “Live with Regis and Kelly” that he will be working with Marilyn Manson…shooting a documentary on the singer’s 8th new studio album. LaBeouf describes their first meeting as nothing less than he expected. With no lights and big heavy metal doors at Manson’s West Hollywood “lair”, Manson greeted LaBeouf at the door in a pink komono. While this PG actor many seem like an odd choice for the project, it’s not the first time he has worked in the music world. LaBeouf shot the music video…continue reading →