Buena Vista Social Club Releases their Second Unreleased Song

Buena Vista Social Club released their second unreleased single called “Saludo Compay” ahead of the 25th Anniversary of their album.

The song is to honor Máximo Francisco Repilado otherwise known as Compay Segundo who passed away in 2003. Compay Segundo’s stage name comes from Cuban slang for the second compadre, this name was because his specialty was low harmonies, and was typically the second voice in the bands he was in.

In the 1950’s he joined Los Compadres and was a musical duo with Lorenzo Hierrezuelo and María Teresa Vera. He was the second voice in the duo and also played the tres player. 

After he left Los Compadres he joined a group called Grupo Compay Segundo that was created in 1955 by Francisco Repilado Muñoz. Originally they were called the Compay Segundo y sus Muchachos, and after Company’s death they changed the name to Grupo Compay Segundo

He later gained more international fame with the release of the Buena Vista Social Club’s self-titled album in 1997. His most notably known composition is, “Chan Chan” which is the opening track on the album. 

To celebrate the album’s 25th Anniversary, five unheard and remastered songs will all be released on September 17, 2021. “Vicente was the first song they released and “Saludo Compay is the second unreleased song.