Rogers State University has launched a new initiative to reconnect with alumni who have lost touch with their alma mater. The “Stray Cat Campaign” will utilize the RSU website,RSU Radio website, social media, direct mail and the ever-growing RSU alumni network to locate and welcome back lost alumni.

The “Stray Cat Campaign” will seek out lost alumni of RSU and its predecessor institutions – Claremore Junior College, Rogers State College and Rogers University – dating back to 1972. Alumni can visit the “Stray Cat Campaign” website – – to view lists of lost alumni. Alumni can also update their information via a form found on this page.

Since 2011, all graduates became eligible to receive a free lifetime membership card, the biannual “On The Hill” newsletter, the monthly “Hilltalk” e-newsletter, invitations to alumni social events, career development resources and other alumni opportunities and benefits.

For more information on the “Stray Cat Campaign” or other RSU alumni activities, contact Marissa Littlefield at