Press Play: Blind Pilot

If you are looking for a band that is adventurous in sound and in life Blind Pilot should be your pick. The band originates from Portland, Oregon.  When you press play you can expect hear insightful song lyrics laid over indie pop/rock If you’re still not convinced here are five reasons to press play on Blind Pilots:

  1. They care about the environment: Blind Pilot is well known for touring on bicycles. The band says the bike tour was both an economic and environmental choice. They also said that they wanted the adventure of it.bicycle
  2. They make meaning of tragedy: Lead singer Israel Nebeker writes extensively about grief in the newest album And Then Like Lions. Nebeker recently lost his father to cancer while simultaneously concluding a thirteen-year romantic relationship. He has been quoted saying, “I think of this album as a conversation about different kinds of loss and the courage we find when we face loss honestly, cracked open and unsure of what we will become, which is the only real way to face it.”and-then-like-lions
  3. Courage has been a part of them since the beginning: The name Blind Pilot was inspired by the band’s willingness to “fly into the unknown.”
  4. They are over the hegemony of radio: The one the band wants to change about the music industry is that radio is dominated by one single genre. Blind Pilot should check out 91.3 RSU radio for true alternative music.
  5. They have a good balance of heavy and light: Although the newest album deals with grief the band introduces lighthearted and hopeful songs to balance the experience for listeners. Namely their track “Don’t Doubt