Press Play: DREAMERS

DREAMERS are a pop-rock trio based out of Los Angeles with no reservations when it comes to singles with memorable melodies. In February of 2015, DREAMERS signed with Fairfax Recordings and debuted their first full-length album cleverly named This Album Does Not Exist in August of 2016. Their most familiar electronic-rock hit “Sweet Disaster” gained plenty of accolades with its danceable guitar riffs.  This hard-hitting tune resided on Billboard’s alternative songs chart for 33 weeks and peaked at No. 7. 

Last year DREAMERS released two EPs Launch and Fly. These fresh EPs were only the beginning of a trilogy of releases from DREAMERS. The completion of this trilogy will be the debut of their sophomore album LAUNCH FLY LAND on April 26th, 2019. The title and content of these releases act as a narrative that splits their sophomoric effort into distinct chapters instead of a long list of songs.

Their latest single “Die Happy” is the catchy anthem preluding what is to come for their new album. The song features their signature alternative rock feel with electronic and pop influences. It holds a sublime message of complete contentment– being totally fulfilled for one small moment in time. The addictive tune is an encouraging sign of what to expect from the release of LAUNCH FLY LAND.