RSU Radio’s Top 10 Countdown – 9/13/2019

Maria jumped in to host the Top 10 this week, and what a good week to host. The last two Number 1’s have dropped off the charts, replaced by plenty of newcomers. Lunch was on the menu, with Lunch Lady and Lunch Duchess taking the top spots. Here are your Top 10 for the week of 9/13/19.

  1. Lunch Duchess – Crying For Fun
  2. Lunch Lady – Angel
  3. Seratones – Power
  4. The Needs – You Need The Needs
  5. Flamingos Pink – Kustom Kreme
  6. The Parlor Mob – Dark Hour
  7. Little Church – It’s Not You [EP]
  8. Safer – Sleepless Nights [EP]
  9. Señor Fin – Hardly Alone
  10. Black Belt Eagle Scout – At The Party With My Brown Friends

Honorable Mention: MIYNT

Up and Coming: The Girl in Red

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