The Launch of Bandcamp Live

It hasn’t been a secret that the COVID-19 pandemic is an event that is shaping life as we know it. Everyday new information comes out about specific guidelines, expectations, and technologies to change the way we live. Bandcamp is an internet music company whose mission is to support and promote artists who are smaller, having a reputation of undiscovered music. The company has just launched Bandcamp Live, a live streaming service to promote artists. The service has different features to promote the artists and fans, such as a live chat and virtual merchandise table. The shows are set up using a virtual ticketing system that the artists set the price for. 80-85% of ticket sales will go directly to the artist. Bandcamp has stated to only take a 10% fee of ticketing, and that is being waived until March 31st 2021. The service already has set bands featured to perform in the upcoming weeks and will expand as more artists sign up.