Listen to Bomba Estéreo’s New EP

Colombian band, Bomba Estéreo released a new EP called ‘Tierra. The EP features a bilingual collaboration with Yemi Alade on the song ‘Conexion Total’. Together they collaborated and fused African and Latin music. 

The second song on the EP is called ‘Tierra’ and is about taking care of Earth and treating it better.

The third song on the EP is called ‘Lento’.

The EP is part of their upcoming album, ‘Dejathat is set to be released on September 10. The upcoming album is set to be in four parts that incorporate the four elements of nature: Earth, Water, Air, and Fire. 

There is a four year gap between their upcoming album and their previous album. And this new EP is just a taste of what is to come on their upcoming album this Fall.