SBA Film Race

The RSU Student Broadcasting Association is hosting a film race on the Claremore campus of the university. This event is open the surrounding community and RSU students for submissions. Participants will be given an item and theme to include in their films. The item and theme will be announced November 18th at 7pm.  The item and theme will also be announced on social media, as well as email for those who are not able to attend in-person. Participants will then have until November 21st to submit their films. The only parameters are the entries is to include the item, incorporate the theme, and be between 2-10 minutes in length. Filmmakers are encouraged to incorporate their creative freedom. A showcase will happen December 2nd, where the winners will be announced. The event will happen in the RSU performance studio on the Claremore campus. The awards include 1st place, runner-up, and people’s choice. There will be no categories for this competition, every entry is equal. The submissions will be judged by a panel consisting of RSU professors, alumni, and one community member.

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