Spoon Set to Release Remix Record

Get out your utensils! Spoon announced the remix of their album, Lucifer on The Sofa, which came out earlier this year. The remix album, aptly named Lucifer on The Moon, will come out on November 4th and will be released via their longtime label, Matador. For this album, the band worked with the famed producer and founder of On-U Sound Records, Adrian Sherwood. The collaboration was first hinted at back in June with the release of Sherwood’s reworking of the track “My Babe”. Alongside the LP announcement, Spoon released a music video for the re-imagination of “On the Radio”, watch below:

The original “On the Radio” is a mid-tempo, soft rock song; definitely something you would hear on the radio (get it?). Meanwhile, the recreation is more abstract, mellow tone with a mix of blues and something I’d consider reggae adjacent; the essentials of the dub genre that Sherwood is so well-known for. Sherwood doesn’t change the song so much that it loses its original feel but rather, he gives it a sort of new, Sherwoodian perspective. As for the music video, it shows the band doing numerous things. From Daniel performing alone on a stage to the quintet on a rooftop. The video’s grainy, vintage look and hazy feeling assist the remix’s far-out sound.

Lucifer on The Moon:

1. My Babe (Adrian Sherwood Reconstruction)
2. On the Radio (Adrian Sherwood Reconstruction)
3. Held (Adrian Sherwood Reconstruction)
4. The Devil & Mister Jones (Adrian Sherwood Reconstruction)
5. Lucifer on the Sofa (Adrian Sherwood Reconstruction)
6. Astral Jacket (Adrian Sherwood Reconstruction)
7. Feels Alright (Adrian Sherwood Reconstruction)
8. Wild (Adrian Sherwood Reconstruction)
9. The Hardest Cut (Adrian Sherwood Reconstruction)
10. Satellite (Adrian Sherwood Reconstruction)

According to Matador’s press release regarding the new album, vocalist Britt Daniel told Adrian Sherwood two things: “Avoid things that would not be possible on tape,” and “Add whatever you want to add — and the less modern the better.” And Daniel got just that. “On the Radio” and “My Babe” sound straight off of a late 60s dub album. The addition of the blues harmonica and piano on “On the Radio” is reminiscent of the Yardbirds and the dub beat could be easily compared to The Police. From what we’ve heard so far, the reworks stay true to both Sherwood’s and Spoon’s styles.

After working the singles, Sherwood was asked for more, and eventually, some more. The producer said this about it:

I got into the melody and the thoughts it evoked in me…It just evolved and we eventually found ourselves with a whole album.

Meanwhile, Britt Daniel had the following to say:

It wasn’t just a thing where you pick apart this and you stay on the grid and you add a delay. He added so much more instrumentation and it became a different version of the songs. Not a remix, but a companion piece. A ‘Part II.’

If you’re interested in seeing Spoon live, they are coming to Cain’s Ballroom on October 11th! For tickets and more information, click here.

You can find where to pre-save and pre-order Lucifer on The Moon here.